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Grid of Knowledge

Affordable Rental of conference room
"Suite 333"
Independence, OH

About Us

Meet Rebecca Brunswick


As an entrepreneur  and business owner for 18 years, Rebecca Brunswick is committed to supporting people's visions and passions.  Rebecca offers a customized environment for businesses to utilize our space for training, facilitating, event planning, team building, interviewing, board meetings and conference sessions at the Grid of Knowledge Suite 333.

Educate * Inspire * Achieve



We are creating a dynamic community through a "Hands on" EDUCATIONAL

approach, which  INSPIRES and empowers each individual participant by engaging with  

THE GRID OF KNOWLEDGE TEAM of new and seasoned entrepreneurs 

to ultimately ACHIEVE greater success.

We Connect Good People With Good People


Whether it is coaching, mentoring, inspiring, educating or guiding your business or creative ventures, The Grid of Knowledge Team has a connection for you.

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